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Retirement U, Higher Education for your Financial Needs

Whether you are planning for retirement, retiring soon or retired now, this webpage is designed to help you make a successful transition into retirement. Packed with tips, practical exercises and checklists, our goal is to help you prepare for your future with confidence at whatever stage you are at.

Retirement Income Layering

Here’s the tax secret: Income layering of all your income sources in retirement can help you get a better after-tax result, and help you preserve your capital for the future, too.

Effectively Dismantling your Lifetimes Accumulation

A recent presentation we provided for our clients on Effectively Dismantling your Lifetimes Accumulation – November 30, 2013

The discussion was how to effectively maintain your Government entitlements, such as Old Age Security and the Age Amount, while laying incomes from all sources in order to maximize the money available to spend, while reducing the stress for return on your investments.

CPP Changes – New Filing Deadline

December 7, 2011 – Changes to the Canada Pension Plan scheduled for January 1, 2012 may come as a surprise for some semi-retired Canadians. Up until now, once you began receiving your CPP retirement pension, you were no longer required (or allowed) to contribute to the CPP. As of January 1, that’s changing.

OAS Indexed for Fourth Quarter

Canadian residents age 65 and older will receipt the Old Age Security pension if they have made application to receive the benefit and their income is under prescribed thresholds. The maximum pension is $537.97 for each month in the fourth quarter in 2011: October, November and December (an increase of $4.27 per month from the previous quarter).